What Everyone Needs To Know About Counseling:

We all go through times of difficulty, crisis, loss, tension or uncertainty. Counseling is a service and a support to individuals and families who are facing life issues.

When Do I Need Counseling?

When I feel stressed, anxious, confused
When I am having difficulty in a relationship
When I need to plan for the future
When I feel like talking over a problem with someone
When I need support in my personal or emotional life
When I want to change my lifestyle or habits
When I have just experienced a loss, bereavement, trauma

Counseling is:

a helping relationship
an active listening skill
positive unconditional respect for another person
an awareness-enhancing experience

Counseling is NOT:

telling another person what to do
solving another person’s problems
creating a dependence on the counselor
boosting morale through a pep talk or instilling pleasant feelings
taking sides in an argument

How do I choose a counselor?

I would look for someone who:
:: makes me feel less stressed and frustrated
:: boosts my self-confidence
:: helps me to make better decisions
:: keeps my information confidential
:: treats me with respect, courtesy and kindness
:: is genuinely interested in me and my problems
:: is knowledgeable, understanding and competent

Qualified counselors have undergone professional training in both the theory and practice of helping people with life issues. As professionals, they are skilled in structuring and guiding the counseling intervention and are effective in their response to individual needs.

For further clarification about counseling please write to SPACES's counselling branch, Oogachaga Counselling and Support at counselling@oogachaga.com or call 91516979.

(The above text is extracted and adapted from “Do I need counseling?”, a guide to professional counseling services published by the Singapore Association For Counselling.)