In 2003, SPACES Community was established to help foster the development and growth of the volunteer community.

SPACES Community is an inclusive voluntary group that welcomes volunteers from diverse backgrounds regardless of their race, language, religion, sexual orientation, gender, social or economic status.   We recognize that all individuals are unique and much more resources and talents can be leveraged for greater community actions from a diverse pool of volunteers.  

SPACES Community's objective is to provide opportunities for peoples from all walks of life to work together to serve the community in a spirit of openness and acceptance with no discrimination.

SPACES Community aims to provide its volunteers avenues to serve society with pride and dignity, and to empower and bring joy to the people whom we serve.

How To Volunteer:

For enquiries on volunteering with Oogachaga or A Nation in Concert or SPACES Community please email us at

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Our Goals:

  • To leverage the creativity, energy and resourcefulness of our diverse volunteers to perform works that benefit our society

  • To exemplify people who work together to better society without discrimination of any form, including race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, social or economic status
To build social capital and bridge different communities by serving and empowering the less privileged with cultural sensitivity.